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Omaha NE HCG Diet for Women - HCG Diet Doctors LocatorIf you’re woman over age 40 who is having a harder time losing weight than you used to, you can blame biology. At a ratio of 25 percent to 15 percent, women already have more body fat than men do at any age. Women also require fewer calories than men, which means it is more common for their bodies to convert food into fat. For many women, the hormonal changes of perimenopause and menopause mean they have too much estrogen in their bodies and not enough of the other hormones. This alone can cause weight gain and extreme difficulty in losing weight.

Fortunately, there is hope. The HCG diet for women helps you to drop pounds quickly while burning stubborn fat stores at the same time. It utilizes HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a hormone your body already makes, combined with a low calorie diet designed for your body’s needs for either a 23 or 40 day cycle. Unlike other Omaha Nebraska area diet plans you may have tried in the past, you don’t feel hungry while on the HCG diet. The hormone balances your hypothalamus to jump start weight loss and keep you feeling satisfied.

Keys for Optimal Results with the HCG Diet

  • Taking daily HCG hormone injections
  • Sticking to the low calorie diet
  • Discontinuing the use of cosmetics that contain oil or fat
  • Following your HCG doctor’s advice regarding prohibited food on the HCG diet
  • Drinking plenty of water or other low calorie beverages that don’t contain caffeine
  • Taking the recommended vitamin supplements
  • Getting a moderate amount of exercise daily, especially when you resume normal eating
  • Choosing protein, lean mean, fruits, and vegetables for the majority of your meals

Average Weight Loss Results for Women on the HCG Diet

Women on the HCG diet in the Omaha suburbs lose an average of a half pound to a full pound every day during the initial 23-day or 40-day phase of the program. This rate is slightly less than men, due to hormonal changes and other circumstances beyond your control. Even so, this rate of weight loss is unheard of anywhere else. Most commercial diet programs advise that you can lose one to two pounds per week. As long as you work with your HCG doctor during the three-week maintenance phase and continue to make healthy food choices, you can expect to keep the weight off.

The HCG Diet Attacks Stubborn Fat Reserves

Many women inquire about the HCG diet even when they don’t have a lot of weight to lose. They are frustrated because they can’t seem to budge the fat that has accumulated in their abdominal area, hips, thighs, upper arms, neck and face. A major benefit of the HCG diet is that the hormone attacks those areas first. With other diet programs, your body retains fat and draws its energy from muscle when you reduce the amount of calories you consume. This leaves you with excess fat, even if you’re at or near your goal weight. The HCG diet allows you to maintain energy while quickly losing pounds and inches.

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